Saturday, August 3, 2019

Year 42 -

Well today is my 42nd birthday. If you forgot to send me a card, good news is I'll accept gifts through Labor Day so you still have some time. The 42nd birthday shouldn't be a special time to celebrate but that number got me to thinking a lot this week. 

For me, 42 is a sign of hope and achievement. Let me explain.

Bill Clinton was the 42nd President. President Clinton is from my hometown, Hot Springs, Arkansas. (please don't get political. just read) This taught me that a kid from a small town could make it to the top. 

42 is the number that Jacki Robinson wore. Jacki broke a barrier most thought couldn't and honestly a majority didn't want to see broken. Through his perseverance and talent he paved the way for a lot of African American baseball players in the major leagues. So to me, 42 is a symbol of strength and toughness.

42 is also the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up.

I also learned that....

The Titanic was traveling 42 km/hour when it hit the iceberg.

On page 42 in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" Harry learns that he is a wizard.

Sadly, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42.

Looking back, I learned a lot of things about myself last year.
There were events I dealt with superbly and things I would have done differently.
Opportunities I took and some I passed on that I might eventually regret.
I learned that what my Mom told me before she passed away,  "You are living this life to help someone who will walk a similar path after you do", came true again.

“ You know that road to success all your teachers and coaches talk about? Just remember, for every mile of road, there are two miles of ditches” 

I read that quote yesterday in the Mike Neighbors newsletter. (If you aren't signed up for that, do it here.) I had seen it before as he mentions but it really made me reflect on the past year of my life.

Ditches. They are there and we can't control them.
Sometimes you have to go to the ditch. Someone or something runs you off the road.
Sometimes it's yourself. Not paying attention and bam! There you are.

 I'd be lying if I said in year 41 I didn't spend some time in a ditch. 
I think I drove in the ditch for a mile or two this year.....but with the help of mentors and some great friends, plus a reminder from Coach Locke about why I am one of  "The Last of the Cowboys". I found my way back.

If you find yourself in a ditch, just know it won't last forever and if you need help getting out, talk to someone. Message me. Trust me, We've all been there.

So here's to 42.
 I'm thankful for
Two great Sons in Hayden and Evan
Great friends (too many to name) old and new
Mentors I can call on to tow me out of a ditch every now and then.
And I'm even thankful for ditches. Thanks for keeping me on the right track.

 So from now on I'm planning to live my life somewhere between Mr. Rogers and Doc Holliday. 

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and you can be my neighbor if you want...Or I can be your Huckleberry."
- Greg White 

And how cool is this...
"Wanna wish a happy birthday to the last of the cowboys @gregwhite32 
If my sons could play for any ball coach in the 🇺🇸 I would want them to play for Greg. Good Coach, better person, Great American. But we are never moving to Arkansas so there is that. For every person Coach offends on social media he inspires about 10. I’m one of those people—-keep it up brother! Cletus please leave the ball.#BTC>#YBC #Go Browns #winnerswin" - Captain Babe Kwasniak.