Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tossing out your SLOB plays...Well almost all of them

How many of you have a lot of SLOB (Sideline Out of Bounds)plays? How many of us practice them and get mad when players forget them? In this post, you'll hear my argument to scrap your SLOB plays and let time dictate it.

Let me start by saying I love BLOBs. I had a team once that we struggled to score so bad I secretly hoped for BLOB situations because we could really execute then. It was going 75 feet and into a set that we struggled with. We actually won a game that year by dribbling the clock down, (I know, I'm a shot clock guy and I dribbled for :45) driving to lane and calling time-out.

I feel BLOBs are places to score. I feel SLOBs can be but usually not with the same effectiveness. Maybe that's just my belief but I rarely score on them.

Here are my 3 points to on SLOBs:

1. Just get it in and run your stuff

Why spend time naming and practicing a SLOB when you could be practicing a set play or option in your motion? Players forget the play. You forgot to practice on both sides of the floor or with your best player sitting out in foul trouble.
   *You should be running at least 5 minutes of practice with your starting PG or leading scorer out        of  the lineup to see if you can survive.
Don't waste the possession on a quick shot because you are running a SLOB play that you haven't ran all game or sometimes all season.

2. Press Offense, not a SLOB vs Pressure
One of the most common SLOBs in the backcourt is when a team is pressuring and fouls. This needs to be part of your press offense, not your specials teams. The mistake most of us make is any SLOB beyond mid court we treat differently than a press offense.
     *Work on sideline press offense, from both sides, when you are preparing for a pressing team.
If it is a must get a shot situation, That falls in the next point. If not, just use your press offense. Remember, less is more with your players. Less to remember = Less to forget.

3. Time Dictated Situations
This is something I'm going to be better at. Special Teams section of practice. Finish or break up practice working on situations like last second shot, full court, no time out and they miss the FT. Stuff like that.