Monday, September 10, 2018

What I learned in August

I had a great month of August. It is my birthday month. It is the month Hayden moved into his dorm for his Freshman year. I got to speak at another USA Basketball Academy, this time in Cleveland, Ohio. Here are a few quick thoughts from the month...

  1. 41 was pretty easy. I had a great surprise dinner with friends and a pretty relaxing month.
  2. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must see. I was delayed leaving so I took an Uber over and spent 2.5 hours. I could have spent 8 hours in there. 
  3. Got to meet Pop Kwasniak and hang out with him and my buddy Babe. I love talking to older Coaches. Guys that paved the way for us. Tedd has coached 51 years. Seen a lot. Great time with them.
  4. Listened to some great speakers and saw some friends. The game has brought a lot of great people into my life.
  5. Leaving your son 4 hours away is a weird feeling. Sad, Proud, Excited. He's a good kid. Going to do great things.
  6. Professional Development is a lot like taking a shopping cart to the shin
  7. Trying to Change the way people think is exhausting.
  8. I fall in love with what USA Basketball is doing more everyday. 
  9. I've had more phone conversations with H since he left than we had in the previous 3 years.
  10. Focus your energy.