Sunday, August 12, 2018

What I learned in July 2018

I'm stealing an idea for Zak Boisvert and I've started a monthly "What I Learned" file. If you don't follow Zak and Pick and Pop.Net you are missing a TON of information. Zak provides so much to the coaching fraternity and is a great resource.

July was different for me. It was the first year in a long time I didn't get to attend Snow Valley. Instead I spoke at the USA Coaching Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will be speaking in August in Cleveland and would encourage you to make one of the three left this year or definitely plan on making one next year.

Here are a few things I learned this past July.

  • Frank Martin is a real guy. Like a Guy's Guy. Smart. Passionate and can relate to anyone. 
  • Vegas is hot. Don't let them say "Dry Heat" is different. 115 is 115 regardless. 
  • Don't let people say that NBA guys don't play hard. They compete and are amazing at what they do. Best of the Best. 
  • Jay Wright is a great communicator. He is also a great ambassador for the game. He left the National Team practice, hopped in a car for a 30 minute drive to speak at the Academy. The National Champs' Coach didn't have to. Recruiting was taking place but he did it. Earned a lot of respect from the Coaches in attendance.
  • Coaches want to learn. There were Coaches from the youth level to small College present.
  • USA Basketball has a vision that I wish everyone would adopt. 
  • Matt King's statement "Stop Selling Elite" has really stuck with me as we look to change our youth program. 
  •  As bad as the culture of our game in the summer seems, It's not that bad. The "AAU Bingo" types are out there but there is a growing number of people that want to change it. 
  • Danielle Viglione is brilliant. She is an outstanding teacher of the game
  • Rob Brost can flat out teach and coach. 
  • Chris Holtmann is a Coach that if you don't already keep up with, you should.
Those are just a few thoughts from an incredible month of basketball for me. School starts here tomorrow so it's back at it.

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