Monday, August 21, 2017

Trash Day: What Can You Get Rid of In Your Program and In Your Life

It's early last Wednesday and I'm up for my morning cardio. Wednesday is a walk/podcast day after a lot of miles 17 actually, Sunday through Tuesday.

And it's trash day. Forgetting trash day is the worst isn't it? To be honest that wasn't my first thought. I first worried about the smell. I would estimate their are 100 homes in my subdivision. I have an over active imagination for a 40 year old so I pictured it awful at first. Then I started thinking about the money just in my neighborhood.

We all need a trash day. At least once a week we get rid of things. This should be true in our personal lives and in our program. I'm not saying once a week but maybe once every 3 months; definitely once a year. What can you live without? I made the decision to take the TV out of my bedroom. I have started sleeping better already. I also decided to stop watching the news. Not because I don't want to be informed, I just don't need to be reminded of all the negative things in the world.  I check the weather and sports. That's it. 

So what can you get rid of in your program? How about in your life? We live in a society of excess. 

Here are 3 things to get rid of

1. Things that don't work

Sounds simple right. If it doesn't work why keep it? Shooting drills that don't fit your offense are a waste of time. Drills that don't fit your concepts are a waste a time. Here's something else to look at. You know that play you love but it never works...yeah..time to trash it.

Trashing something takes courage. The most important words in coaching are this: "Crap, this isn't working!"
Be brave enough to end things that don't benefit you. 

2. Things that inhibit growth

The game hasn't changed, we just forgot how to teach it. Coach Tates Locke is the most influential man in my basketball philosophy. I've been fortunate enough to spend some quality time with him. He has forgotten more than I will ever know. 

We, coaches 45 & younger, don't know how to teach the game that well. We got caught up in the "newest, hippest offenses and drills" and lost our way. I swear, some skill guys and coaches act like their drills are a dive meet and the degree of difficulty makes the drill better. Keep it Simple. Stick to Repetitions. 

Another thing that inhibits growth is our stubbornness. Can every team play Man defense? Yes they can. Can every team win playing Man defense? No they can't. I'm a firm believer in teaching the right way to play but when it comes down to games give your team a chance. "I'm going to run the dribble drive because I like it." 
Umm, Coach, you don't have a guard that can get downhill. Do what works, not what you want to work.

 Find the shoe that fits your foot, not the one you like on the shelf.

3. Half Your Stuff

Could you live on half your salary? Odds are no. Could you live in a home half the size of what you have now? Odds are yes but it would be very uncomfortable. Most of us Coaches could live without half of the stuff in our program. If we focus on less we would get more. I was guilty of working on things that we never were going to do because "you're suppose to do this". 

If we eliminate things we aren't going to us we can focus and improve on things we know we are going to need.

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