Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why you MUST attend the D1 experience

The D1 experience is a premier camp for players seeking more from camp than a t-shirt. It incorporates the 2 most important areas in player development, athleticism & skill, by bringing together the top two professionals in those areas in Alan Stein & Drew Hanlen. This is not your "daycare get away for Mom & Dad" camp. This camp was 3 days of intense, world-class instruction accompanied by a great facility, the Spiece Fieldhouse in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Here are the 3 points that make this an incredible experience. 

1. Foundation of Athleticism
If you're familiar with Alan Stein's StrongerTeam you know that his expertise in that field is second to none. What each player at the D1 experience receives is focused, functional & interactive instruction. We've all seen camps where the Coach never interacts with every player. You won't find that here. Every player receives individualized instruction. 

2. Skill is King
Drew Hanlen is becoming a household name in the NBA. He is an incredible skills coach. His attention to every detail makes it no surprise that his NBA clients are becoming NBA All-Stars. He carries that passion over to each player at the D1experience. Ever seen a Coach at a camp be "to good" to work with a camper? Drew's ability to teach skills from the NBA to the middle school level is why he is the best in the world at what he does. He takes as much pride in helping a junior high player understand the reason behind a particular drill as he does when he's working out a potential NBA lottery pick. 

3. What Separates the Camp from Others
Details. You'll struggle to find a staff more dedicated to providing your player with an experience that will drive them to become a better player. The D1 experience gives each player a taste of what a D1 athlete goes through. Players go from the floor to the film room, back to practice just like a college player. Think of it like a "fantasy camp" in that each camper will participate in a college level environment. The camp serves as an introduction into what it takes to achieve the level of commitment required to play on the collegiate level. 

For the attending coaches, imagine watching Alan & Drew instructing on the floor then meeting every day for a staff meeting. You'll learn new drills, how to teach them & have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. 

Please check out D1experience.com for future dates & locations. 

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