Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 From the Corner Spotlight: Jimmy Dykes

As I've highlighted in earlier posts, Jimmy Dykes has had a major impact on me as a Coach and a person. I had the privilege of coaching Jimmy's nephew his senior year of high school. He and his family live in Northwest Arkansas so I get to see him on occasion. His father also attends a lot of our games which is a blessing to our staff and players. Jimmy has become in my opinion and in the opinion of many fans and coaches one of the top commentators in basketball. Here are my 3 points on Jimmy Dykes.

 #1 Authentic
Jimmy Dykes is who he says he is 24/7/365. He is a Christian,Husband,Father,Family-First,Friend,Commentator type of guy in that order. He and Alan Stein are two of the best at being able to "shut it off" when it's family time. When Jimmy is home, his time is devoted to his family. When he is working and preparing for a game there isn't a harder worker in the business. He is who he says he is.

#2 Coaches' Commentator
I consider every game that Jimmy, Jeff Van Gundy or Hubie Brown does a mini clinic. They describe the game the way we as coaches should see it. There are guys that talk during games. Jimmy teaches during games. He isn't talking to fill space. He's teaching. He's explaining. He's a Coach at heart.

#3 What He Says When He's "Re-Loading"
If you get the chance to listen to Jimmy speak, really listen. Listen between the bullet-points. That's where the learning occurs. Most of us will write down the topic and stop listening waiting for the next topic. For me that's where the passion and more importantly the learning takes place. Listen to the explanation and delivery of the point. You will be amazed how much information and insight he puts out when "re-loading".

That's a quick look at Jimmy Dykes. For great daily encouragement follow @JimmyDykesLive