Monday, October 22, 2012

3 From the Corner Spotlight: Stronger Team's Alan Stein

If you're reading this post, I would wager that most of you know who Alan Stein is. For the minority of you that don't or aren't as familiar with him here is an introduction to Alan. (Alan's Bio) Most of you have either seen Alan in person or at a clinic or purchased a DVD of his. Some of you bought in. Some didn't. Those of us that have understand his impact on the game. Here are a couple of thoughts on Alan and his work.

#1 Innovative
I've seen Alan speak a handful of times. My wife Paige and I attended his first Huddle last spring and we recently hosted him in August where he put 132 kids through a Cutting Edge Clinic. The most inspiring and amazing thing for me is this: He is always looking for new things. Almost two weeks ago I got to hang out with him when he spoke at the Tri Lakes Clinic in Missouri. I learned a pageful of new things that I had either forgotten, misinterpreted or just didn't know. He keeps it fresh which keeps your players interest high. He's been with the best. He is the best. What player doesn't want to be doing the same exercises and drills as the top players on the planet with the top trainer?

#2 Tireless
As I mentioned earlier, the last time I saw Alan, about eleven days ago, his day started at 3am. I picked him up at 9am from the airport, we had a quick lunch meeting to discuss some future planning, then he spoke and worked out a team for 90 minutes. After that we watched Drew Hanlen then a trip back to the airport for a flight to Chicago and a day ending around midnight. If that's not impressive enough, he never complains about being tired. I consider him a good friend and can tell you that he treats people and acts like he just woke up from a great nap. His energy level is incredible. I'd almost describe it as condemning. I watched him first-hand work with my team for 3 hours and I left there knowing for a fact that there were multiple days that I didn't have the energy and passion he does every single time out. He will awaken your passion. Having said that the last thing about Alan is he is...

#3 Instrumental
When I think of people that are revolutionizing the game I always include Alan. The impact he has had on strength training for basketball players is incredible. Players are now equipped with the knowledge to train for basketball using sport, specific exercises that train movement and muscles used by basketball players. Now we can train to build better basketball athletes, not just athletes. We don't have to do what other sports are doing in the weight room. Alan's presence in social media has led to the spread of his instruction to players worldwide. Players and Coaches are getting to see what elite players receive when they train with Alan. He's a GameChanger.

If you have a chance to host Alan I would strongly endorse that for your program and basketball in your area. I would also suggest that you attend the StrongerTeam Huddle in the Spring of 2013. Follow @AlanStein , check out StrongerTeam or email him at