Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 From The Corner Spotlight: Coach Scott Cross

I came up with this idea because there are some really great basketball people that I have met or spoken with that have made an impact on our game and myself. This is a way for me to show respect and appreciation to that person and also share what they are acheiving in our game. 

The first spotlight is on Coach Scott Cross. Coach Cross is leading his alma mater UT-Arlington in the right direction. He has worked his way from an assistant to being the Head Coach for the Mavericks. He has led them to a Southland Championship and post-season play in both the NCAA and NIT tournament. Here are the 3 points on Coach Scott Cross.

Championships Are Won Today. That is a strong statement. When that statement becomes a mentality, the person believing it becomes powerful. Don't wait! Win the championship today in every action. Whether that is the weightroom, training room or in the practice gym. Every action from every player is either building toward or keeping away your team from winning hardware.

#2 Hang Your Hat on Defense
There is no doubt what the Mavericks and Coach Scott Cross stress in their program. Every thing that comes from their program is defensive-minded. Coach Cross put out a "mix-tape" from practice last week. It was of a player taking four, count'em, four charges. Watch it here. What your are stressing everyday in practice is what you stress on the whiteboard before the game. You don't have to worry about the Mavericks not getting a stop. They believe and live this motto: Defense Wins Championships.

#3 Drills, Drills and More Drills
When I contacted Coach Cross about writing about him and asked for one drill, he sent me a fifteen pages worth. Even better, he wanted me to share them with you all so here you go! Coach Cross D Drills.

Follow Coach Cross here @CoachScottCross.