Saturday, October 27, 2012

3 From the Corner Spotlight: Coach Mike Neighbors

Coach Neighbors has had a major impact on me and he doesn't know it until he reads this. I'll let you read more about Coach Neighbors here. (Mike Neighbors bio) He has a tremendous grasp on the game as a Coach and a recruiter. He is a top clinician because he is such a good teacher of the game. Here are the 3 qualities that I think set Coach Neighbors apart.

#1 Real
The guy is real. I could use the words authentic or genuine but that doesn't do justice for him. How else does a guy from Greenwood, Arkansas make it in college basketball? In Arkansas, Greenwood is known as a football power. They just won their 33 consecutive game. For me though Greenwood means guys like Coach Neighbors. Tough, hard-working players and coaches. In every sport. Real and consistent. You know what you get with them.

Coach Neighbors is the same guy in person that he is on twitter or anywhere else. We all know Coaches who are always in "Coach-mode". I want you to talk to me like a peer, not a player, parent or especially a member of the media. We all know guys like this. "How are you guys going to be?" (Coach-mode)"You know we're going to be okay. Got some good young players..." (Real)"Man, we're not very good right now." Coach Neighbors can talk to you about Xs and Os or name his top 100 movies and songs. That's a real person. Not always "on" but always real. He is true to you and to himself.

#2 Distributor
I was motivated to start this site by Coach Neighbors. He is the Fed-ex of basketball coaches. His weekly newsletter reaches 64,228 (as of this week) coaches! The amount of time he spends preparing and gathering information is commendable. The fact he does that on top of all his duties as an Assistant Coach is amazing. So many times when we are looking for a new set or idea it's in one of his newsletters that we find it.He gathers and distributes great information. His passion for spreading the game is remarkable. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Coach Neighbors has started a major fire!

#3 Quality
Everything he is involved in is quality. More importantly he values quality;especially time and the time of others. All of the information he shares, whether it is for you or another is designed to make the most of the time invested reviewing and reading it. There isn't a newsletter where I felt "Well that was a waste." I hope to be the same way for all of you.

His work is outstanding. Whether it is a newsletter, preparing for practice or speaking to coaches, He is very detailed and delivers information that is useful, enlightening and improving.

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