Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rethinking the Shell Drill

If you're like me the Shell Drill is a staple of your daily defensive preparation. It was instilled into our Defensive DNA. Before we go on let me stop and explain that I'm not suggesting that I've rewritten this drill or think think that the Shell Drill needs to be changed. What I am providing are some different approaches to use with the 4 on 4 box we all grew up on and continue to use. Some of this will be old news to some of you. Some of you will find something you can add to your practice schemes. The biggest thing to stress is the Shell Drill isn't teaching a drill but teaching defense.  Take a look at the following situations.

#1 6 on 4 Shell Drill
The only thing I hate about shell drill is when you are teaching baseline drive you have to "let your man beat you" to accomplish the drill. Let your man beat you? C'mon. That goes against every moral fiber of defense. This drill allows you to work on the rotation without losing intensity of the on-ball defender.

#2 & 3 Make Shell Fit Your Needs
Use Shell as a personalized defensive drill. Take the drill and use it to meet your need. If you're playing a team that passes and screens away, practice it. If you're playing a DDM team that never screens work on containment and help. The following are just some other ways to use the Shell Drill.

These are just a few ideas of mine. If you have any similar or different ways to use the Shell Drill or do not have FastDraw please contact me at

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