Monday, September 3, 2012

Defensive Paint Game

This is a quick post from a drill I received from a 3FTC follower Coach Dan Carey. Coach Carey is the Head Girls Coach at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Offense goal is to simply dribble the ball into the paint -- no
shots, just get into the paint safely with both feet and under control
with the ball.

This game really helps with a "no help needed" mentality guarding
the ball -- something we say all the time to the girls (I coach varsity
girls in suburban Milwaukee, WI). We want them in "one-on-one
mentality" when guarding the ball. But when focusing on help, and
getting into gaps, this is a great drill to build the habit of being
there early with your FEET on helpside, and not reaching.

Put in a "shot clock" of 15-20 seconds that the offense has to try
to get into the paint

*Offense not allowed to play "butt ball" and just catch it, back
your man down and get into the paint -- has to be on a direct drive

*Great drill to build toughness in your team. Also a great drill
for taking charges

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