Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Game Changers to Build Your Program Around

 So how do you as a Coach decide what is best for your program? I'm not talking about Offensive and Defensive systems. I'm talking about resources. Beliefs. Inspiration. In rethinking my Offensive and Defensive philosophy I began thinking about things and people that shape my basketball beliefs. I have discovered how strong I feel about and how often I refer to three things. I think these are three of the most relevant & essential concepts dealing with today's game. Here are my 3 Game Changers:

#1 Toughness
In 2009 the "Trillest Man on the Planet" Jay Bilas wrote a column for ESPN that has become part of my Basketball Doctrine. The former Duke Player/Coach turned Attorney/Analyst took the topic that every Coach talks about but struggles to define and composed one of the most powerful pieces ever written about Basketball. It is a must read for Players and Coaches alike. Toughness by Jay Bilas

#2 20 Truths of Basketball

 Jimmy Dykes spoke this summer at Coaching U Live in Indianapolis on this topic. It is a must read for Coaches on every level. Jimmy's expertise and work ethic are shown in this piece and in his daily tweets. He is a great example of living an authentic life. 20 Truths of Basketball

#3 Play Present

I consider Alan Stein a good friend of mine but also one of the most influential people in my life. I've watched the Play Present video hundreds of time. I've heard it live four times and each time it's a new experience. I learn something different about myself every time. It has changed my daily approach as a father, husband and coach.  Play Present Video

Most of you have seen, read or watched the above mentioned people. In my opinion they are in touch with today's game more than anyone else. When you are looking at your beliefs as a Coach, I hope you look deeply into their work.

So it the words of these guys: "Another Day to Say Thanks" (Jimmy Dykes) "Be > Yesterday" (Alan Stein} and "I gotta go to work" (Jay Bilas)

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