Monday, September 3, 2012

Pick and Pick Offense

The Pick and Roll is commonly referred to as the most successful offense in basketball. When I hear "pick and roll" I immediately picture John Stockton and Karl Malone.It's simplicity yet effectiveness make it a pillar of basketball offenses worldwide.

 For many, the ball screen is one of the hardest things for young players to defend. As a coach, you have to decide the best way to defend ball screens for your team. Some will choose to double, hedge, or switch. That is why I like this offense. It provides a way to attack and be successful versus however the ball screen is defended.

I posted this play with FastDraw. If you're not using FastDraw I HIGHLY recommend it. In my opinion, its a must have for coaches serious about teaching players how to play the game.

The concept of the Pick and Pick Offense is simple: Use a ball screen and an additional screen to create scoring opportunities. After reading that you're thinking "Isn't that the purpose of every offense? To create scoring opportunities." That is correct but most offenses are limited to offensive movements. I feel that this is the only continuity offense that gives as many options as the Read and React system.

The key to how and which way we score is based on how the defense is going to defend the ball screen. Frame 5 would be the start to the Continuity. Frames 6-8 are breakdown of the ball screen.

Here are the breakdown drills used to teach the Pick and Pick Offense. As I described earlier in "Teaching Your Offense" we break down every aspect of the offense into a drill movement. I learned that from Rick Torbett and the Read and React Offense. Each Action is covered here.

If you don't have FastDraw, email me at and I'll send it to you as a .PDF file.

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