Saturday, August 25, 2012

Inside the Cutting Edge

I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of our games most innovative thinkers this weekend. Alan Stein (@AlanStein is at the forefront of Basketball Athleticism.He doesn't claim that his programs will make you a better. His program makes you a better athlete. He focuses on the needs of basketball players. By becoming a better athlete, you can perform your basketball skills at a higher level.                          

His body of work and expertise has changed the landscape of strength training and the way coaches are preparing their players for and during the season. If it isn't evident by now, I'm a believer. my wife Paige and I attended the Stronger Team Huddle last Spring. I drink the kool-aid. I'm all in. Our program went an entire season last year without one sprained ankle. That was a first for me in eleven years and it was also the only season where I exclusively used Alan's guidance on stretching, strength training and pre-game/pre-practice preparation. I know that wasn't a coincidence.

Alan conducted a Cutting Edge clinic here in Northwest Arkansas on Friday, August 24th. If you are not familiar with his clinic, it is a three hour of non-stop learning and exercise for players. There were 132 players that attended. 132! The most impressive things were this:
1. For 3 hours Alan kept 132 kids ranging from 12-18 moving and motivated
2. His energy level never dropped from minute 1 to minute 180.

Here are 3 things I'd like to share with you.

#1 Play Present

Play Present. This wasn't from our clinic but it is one of the greatest things you can show your team.

#2 Brick by Brick

A brick wall isn't just thrown together. Each brick has a specific responsibility. Some bricks can be weaker, even missing at times but the more you focus on each brick the stronger the wall will be. You can't build the top row without something in the middle and you can't even build a wall without a foundation to build it on.

# 3 Euro Passing Drill

Here is a drill Alan passed on to the coaches in attendance:

Those are only 3 points out of about 30 I wrote down. I highly recommend that you attend one of Alan's clinics. contact him at

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